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Partner Construction Products

Here at Partner we stock a wide range of asphalt sealants. Just let us know the problem you might have and we'll get you the right sealant to fix it. From Loop sealant, Parking lot sealant to Joint Sealant. We have you covered.


Features: Smaller tank allows for faster heating time. Works best for small and big Loop sealant jobs.

 Please call for pricing and availability

Hot Air Lance & Router:

 Crafco Model 200 Router: Routing will extend the life of your sealant an leave your roads with a clean finished look.

 Hot Air Lance: Making sure you have clean dry cracks is critical in Crack Sealing. Using a hot air lance will clean and dry your cracks/joints in one simultaneously

Rental Equipment : Oil Jacketed SuperShot Sealant Applicators

SS125DC:                                                                                                                                          SS125D:

                    FEATURE: Chain driven pump on demand                                                                             FEATURE: Fully heated hose and wand. Sealant  

                            no recirculation needed. Only material when you need it.                                             will stay at application temperature from tank to pavement.

                  FEATURE: 50cfm compressor mounted on the trailer frame.                                                  FEATURE: Curb side control and low curb height make for

                            You won't need to haul a secondary compressor. All your needs in one unit.                            a safer easier to use melter.